Reports and Resources

Reports, news, and other resources added in reverse chronological order.  Please take a moment to read some of the significant research reports regarding detrimental effects of construction of the MVP in Giles County.

June 282017 – Another great article by Duncan Adams of the Roanoke Times regarding the Forest Service’s so-called “protection” of our national assets. Plus ridiculously reduced time-frame for comments…

See the Forest Service announcements/documents page here:

Talking Points for Public Comments on the Mountain Valley Pipeline Draft Environmental Impact Statement – Provided by Preserve Giles (LINK to PDF)

Roanoke Times: Mountainous karst landscape should be a ‘no build’ zone for pipeline, geologist says (LINK)
Thursday, July 7, 2016 11:45 pm By Duncan Adams  981-3324

Complete report: GEOLOGIC HAZARDS IN THE KARST REGIONS OF VIRGINIA AND WEST VIRGINIA. Investigations and Analysis Concerning the Proposed Mountain Valley Gas Pipeline . By Ernst H. Kastning, Ph.D., P.G. Professor of Geology, Radford University (Retired), Professional Geological Consultant, Certified Professional Geologist, Commonwealth of Virginia. (LINK to PDF)

Giles County and the Mountain Valley Pipeline – Giles’ Economy: What’s at Risk.  By Key-Log Economics LLC and POWHR (Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights). (LINK to PDF)

Instructions for Submitting Comments to FERC (LINK to PDF).