Attend the Giles County Pipeline Public Forum – Aug. 23

Giles County Pipeline Public Forum
Where: Doe Creek Farm, 412 Doe Creek Farm Rd., Pembroke
When: Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 7-9 PM

Come hear about the status of the fight to keep the Mountain Valley Pipeline from being built through our county; the federal government’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (due out next month) that will determine the fate of the MVP; what your property rights are and why you shouldn’t take MVP’s offer for a right-of-way.


  • County Administration on the costs that would be incurred by the county;
  • the Sierra Club on the Draft Environmental Impact Study; Appalachian Voices will discuss the National Environmental Protection Agency’s process for evaluating a proposed pipeline project;
  • a lawyer from Appalachian Mountain Advocates on how they are fighting the MVP;
  • Preserve Giles County on geological hazards (e.g., karst aquifers) that make our county particularly vulnerable to this pipeline;
  • Preserve Newport Historic Properties on the threat posed to some of our county’s riches historical and cultural heritage and efforts to document the threat posed by the pipeline.

Don’t just accept what MVP tells you! Don’t just assume there is nothing you can do. Come learn the real picture and what you can do to help STOP the MVP!

(Information provided by Donna Pitt)