Template letter and addresses: write to our elected officials!

Jim Shuler, former 12th district delegate to the Virginia assembly, spoke at our meeting May 17 on the necessity and methods of contacting elected officials.  He recommended three forms of contact: 1) letter mailed through U.S. postal service to the official’s LOCAL office; 2) FAX to number provided; and 3) E-mail if an address is provided
Karolyn Givens has assembled addresses, and offered her letter as an example.  There’s also a PDF template of a general purpose letter to elected officials.  Please personalize it with your address, contact information, and a subject line at the top “RE: Proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline Route Through The Greater Newport Rural Historic District.” Include the potential impact impacts of the MVP Pipeline on your property, livelihood, and quality of life.
Mr. Shuler emphasized how important it is to write to legislators often and in numbers, so please share this info to others in our community who are/should be fighting the pipeline route.